New Feature: Page Groups Organize Your Pages & Find Them Quickly

New Feature: Page Groups to Organize Your Pages & Find Them Quickly

Hey, Brittany here from Zipify!

With Zipify Pages, there is no limit to the number of pages you can publish…

Which is great because that means you can create a page for any holiday sale, lead gen campaign, product launch, or whenever inspiration strikes.

The downside is that all these awesome pages can leave your account a little… cluttered.

That’s why we created Page Groups, a new feature for Zipify Pages that lets you organize pages into subcategories. Group your pages by funnel, campaign, product, or whatever suits you.

You can even archive the pages you aren’t currently using, removing them from your main table but keeping them in your account for future access.

Let me show you how to use this great new feature.

How to Use Page Groups

Creating and Removing Page Groups

To create a page group, click on Pages inside your Zipify Pages account.

Use the bulk actions check boxes to select two or more pages that you want to group together into a single folder.

Once you select the pages, click the Group button to create a new group or add those pages to an existing group.

Page groups are created automatically when you select a template that includes more than one page, like the BOOM! Gold Mini-site. Just choose which pages you want to include when you select the template bundle:

To ungroup pages, use the same bulk action or select a group from the dropdown menu.

Accessing Your Pages

Groups appear at the top of the pages table. By default, the newest groups will be at the top, but you can also sort them alphabetically.

To access your pages, click the arrow icon next to the group name.

You can access page groups inside of the page constructor as well. Here you will see all of the pages in that page group:

And just like that, you’ve gotten a jumpstart on spring cleaning for your Zipify Pages account!

For a more detailed walkthrough of this feature, watch the video at the top of the page.

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