Multi-Product Upsells for Pre-Purchase & Post-Purchase Offers (New Release from OneClickUpsell)

“I’m here to talk to you about pre-purchase and post-purchase multiple upsells — it’s a huge announcement!”

Ezra Firestone, Founder & CEO of Zipify

When we first decided to build OneClickUpsell, we designed it based on the traditional upsell model — single item pre-purchase and post-purchase offer pages.

As time went on, we received requests for the ability to offer multiple items for these high-converting upsells. But until recently, this functionality just wasn’t possible.

So it’s my pleasure to bring to you: Multi-Product Upsell Offers.

Now, you can offer up to 5 items pre-purchase and up to 3 items post-purchase for your upsell funnels!

Leveraging single-product pre-purchase upsells on my site, I was earning approximately $0.96 per view..

But now, my current three-product pre-purchase offer is converting at 5.29% with an average of $1.49 per visitor

The best part? I’m not even offering a discount. I’m simply asking my customers if they’d like to add another product to their cart. It’s that easy!

Multi-product pop-up results shown in OCU app

Now, let’s go deeper as I show you what these new offer pages look like and how they work.

Multi-Product Upsell Offers: Pre-Purchase 

When you create a new pre-purchase upsell offer, there are now a total of four different options to choose from:

  • Add a product to the cart
  • Add multiple products to the cart (up to 5 products) (NEW!)
  • Upgrade an existing product in the cart
  • Copy an existing offer

Display of he new pre-purchase offer option

In this section, we’re examining the “add multiple products to the cart (up to 5 products)” option. To see examples of the other pre-purchase offer options, watch the video at the top of the page.

After selecting the multi-product option, the next step is to choose the products you want to include in this offer:

"Add Products" section for the pre-purchase pop-up

Once that’s done, you can edit the offer page by clicking the upsell or selecting “Edit Offer Popup” from the drop-down settings:

Display of additional settings for the pre-purchase pop-up.

Inside the popup editor is where you really get to tailor the upsell offer to your brand. 

With this new update, you now have customizable elements that the post-purchase upsell editor doesn’t even have yet, such as: 

  • Star Ratings
  • Font Selector
  • Unique Selling Propositions 
  • Button Hover State Options, & More!

Here’s an example of the pre-purchase offer page:

Example of the multi-product pre-purchase offer.

Multi-Product Upsell Offers: Post-Purchase 

Similar to the pre-purchase upsell option, there is also a new post-purchase upsell offer setting, bringing the total number of options for this upsell type to three:

  • Add a product to the order
  • Add one of 3 products to the order (NEW!)
  • Copy an existing offer

Display of the new post-purchase offer option.

After choosing to add one of 3 products to the order, select the products for the offer and edit the offer page. 

Inside the post-purchase offer page editor, you’ll find customizations you’re probably familiar with, like the: 

  • Countdown Timer
  • Discount Options
  • Quantity Selector
  • “Hide Product” Option, & More 

Here’s an example of the post-purchase offer page:

Example of the multi-product post-purchase offer.

To learn more about the post-purchase offer page editor, refer to this help doc from one of our App Specialists.

5 Tips For Leveraging Multi-Product Upsells 

Now that we’ve covered the basics of these new features, I want to share my 5 tips for leveraging multi-product upsells on your store.

1. Trigger your pre-purchase offer on the cart page.
I’ve discovered that having the pre-purchase offer show on the cart page works better for me vs. on the product page. I’d recommend trying both methods using multi-product offers to see which converts higher for you.

2. Use three-product pre-purchase offers.
After being in the marketing and apps industries for years, I’ve learned that three-product offers resonate very well with consumers. Not only do my results back this up, I’ve also seen this with my landing page builder, Zipify Pages.

3. Take advantage of the pre-purchase star ratings.
The star rating has become one of the most eye-catching and desired elements in the industry. And since this element is currently only available for the multi-product pre-purchase offers, take advantage and leverage it to your benefit.

4. Offer product accessories.
So, let’s say you’re a watch company and you have three different wristband styles. You can say, “Hey, get an additional wristband. Choose your extra style,” and they can choose which one they want between the three options on their post-purchase offer page.

5. Split test everything.
You can split test different products with different discounts, the number of products in the offer, where in the funnel these offers show, button hover state options, variant options, font types and a whole lot more!

Get Started Now

With OCU’s new Multi-product Upsell Offers, you can improve your chances to sell additional items and boost your AOV by getting more products in front of your customers.

If you’re a user of OneClickUpsell, log in now to start leveraging these new features.

If you’re not a user of OneClickUpsell and you want to start leveraging high-converting upsell funnels on your store, visit the Shopify App Store to start your free 30-day trial

This has been Ezra — thanks for watching! 

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