Feature Roundup: 7 New Updates to Zipify Pages



At Zipify, we believe in a culture of innovation.

Ecommerce is constantly changing, and to continue to succeed in this industry, we have to change with it! That’s why we’re always making updates to Zipify Pages, and in this post I’d like to show you some of the newest additions.

Here are 7 of the many new features we’ve rolled out.


  1. Enable theme header & footer
    Add consistency and a more cohesive shopping experience to your store by matching all your Zipify landing pages to your theme’s native header and footer. This feature pulls your store’s existing header and footer design and adds it to your Zipify Page to make it indistinguishable from the rest of your store.
  2. Sticky Headers
    Headers are a great opportunity to promote a lead magnet for growing your email list or to provide an easy way for customers to add items to the cart. With this new Sticky Header feature you can now pin your header to the top of page so that it’s always visible even as users scroll down the page. This is a great way to make your offer feel persistent and not pushy. Just click the pin icon on your header block to enable it.
  3. Set a Zipify Page as Your Homepage
    Convert more visitors to your homepage by using a Zipify Page as your new homepage. While Shopify themes may look great, they’re often not designed with conversions in mind. You can now create a high converting landing Zipify Page, and make it your stores new homepage. Enable this feature in the settings tab, and start taking advantage of one of your store’s busiest pages.
  4. Sync your Theme Fonts
    Maintain more consistent design across all your pages with Zipify’s new font sync feature. This new feature allows you to import your theme’s current font on all of your Zipify Pages. Just go to the general tab under Settings and click the “Sync” button.
  5. Quantity Selectors on Product Pages
    Your customers now have the ability to add multiple quantities of the same product to the cart. Offering multiple quantitates is a great way to sell more products per visitor and increase your average order value. This feature is built into Zipify’s dynamic product blocks, and you can enable it now by clicking “Quantity Field”.
  6. New Countdown Timer Functionality
    Deadlines are a very effective way to add urgency to your offers and increase your conversion rate. With Zipify Pages’ new countdown timer functionality, you can display when your offer expires. Display both evergreen timers that refresh with every new page visit or countdown to a specific date and time. Either way, once your timer reaches zero you have the option to hide your special offer or replace the timer with a call to action button to join an email list or give an explanation.
  7. Shopify Reviews Integration
    More than ever, people are turning to online reviews to inform their purchasing decisions, and now you can include your Shopify product reviews onto any Zipify Page with our new “Shopify Reviews” block. It’s more important than ever to advertise social proof on your offer pages, and with this feature we’re helping your brand appear more credible and more trustworthy to your future customers.

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