Designing for Mobile? New Mobile & Tablet Builder Modes for Zipify Pages!

Did you know…

Half of all web traffic came from cell phones in 2022?

That’s why everyone needs a mobile-friendly website that’s easy to browse and buy from — but especially ecom brands.

And this new feature lets you quickly launch mobile-optimized pages with ease: Builder Modes Customization for Zipify Pages.

Navigating The Builder Modes Customization Feature

Before this new feature, it was only possible to build pages using the desktop builder.

If you wanted to view your page on mobile, then you had to toggle between devices — but you couldn’t make any changes.

Not anymore…

Desktop Block & Element Editing

Desktop mode is the default view for the builder and where the main setting adjustments are performed.

The desktop view of the block appearance section inside the Zipify Pages app.

Editing the Block Appearance on desktop will let you modify the visibility, layout, background, and advanced settings of that block.

Editing an Element will allow you to utilize all available functions for that element, including:

  • Setting destinations for buttons/images
  • Adding a link for text
  • Adding an embed code for a video and more!

Tablet/Mobile Block & Element Editing

Selecting a different device mode like Tablet or Mobile, will change the appearance of the page inside the builder, giving you the optimal view for editing for that specific device:

The mobile view of the block appearance section inside the Zipify Pages app.

Independent from desktop, these modes have fewer Block Appearance options, focusing more on design through stacking order and padding in the Layout section shown above.

In this view you can also update the styling of select elements such as buttons, images, video and text. Each one of these elements have their own appearance settings that helps match your brand’s aesthetic, like:

  • Alignment
  • Font Size
  • Element Size
  • Padding

The mobile view of the button element styling options inside the Zipify Pages app.

When you combine these new builder modes with Zipify’s proven templates, buy box upgrades and our new global styles feature

You have the power to create high-converting mobile pages faster and easier than ever before.

To learn more, visit the informative Builder Modes Customization Help Section prepared by our dedicated support team.

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