Free Mother’s Day Template! Launch a Holiday Sale in Minutes with Zipify Pages

Zipify Pages users can download this new template today in the Template Library (or by searching for “Mother’s Day” in the app’s landing pages).

Not a Zipify Pages user yet? You can get this template for free when you sign up for a free 14-day trial of Zipify Pages here!

Now let’s go over the features of this new template, so you can get it up and running before the May 14th deadline.

The Mother’s Day Holiday Sale TemplateImage of the The Mother's Day template with themed banner photo of Mother and Daughter.

Is your store ready for Mothers Day?

Mother’s Day is coming up fast on Sunday, May 14th — and we just made it possible to launch a holiday sale with the click of a button!

Introducing our free Mother’s Day Sale template for Zipify Pages:

Our designers used themed images and colors for Mother’s Day, but you can easily customize any element on this page to match your brand’s style.

That includes changing the image above the fold:

The Unsplash image search result's for "Mother's Day" inside Zipify Pages.

Thanks to our integration with Unsplash Images, you can swap out our photo with dozens of options by selecting the banner image then searching the Unsplash Image Library for “Mother’s Day”.

Select a new banner image to quickly customize your sales page to match your brand style and customer avatar.

Holiday Bundle Buy Box

Directly below the banner image, we have a buy box for a featured holiday bundle — in this case, a customer Mother’s Day bundle:

Mother's Day Bundle buy box and countdown timer block.

Bundles are a great way to increase your average order value by combining existing products from your store into a higher-ticket offer — plus the product’s built-in expiration will help increase your conversion rate.

And to make it even easier, Zipify’s dynamic buy boxes automatically pull in your product photos and description with the click of a button.

Countdown Timer

Then because Mother’s Day has a built-in deadline of May 14th — we include a countdown timer block to leverage that urgency and persuade shoppers to take action now.

Product Collection Block

The next section is for your Featured Products. This is where you will add any relevant gift ideas, discounted offers, or best-selling products for your customers to shop.

When viewed on a desktop device, this block resembles your store’s category page and it’s optimized for easy consumption:The Mother's Day template's product collection block on desktop with three products.

And when this section is viewed on mobile, these buy boxes collapse into an optimized collection block that mobile shoppers can easily swipe through:The Mother's Day template's mobile collection block with swiping product carousel.

We set the default to 6 product SKUs, but you can edit the number of featured products depending on your product line.

And to make it even easier, these dynamic buy boxes automatically pull in your product data, photos, and descriptions with the click of a button.

Endorsements, Social Proof & FAQ

The final few sections of the sales page are reserved for 3rd party endorsements and social proof:The Mother's Day template's 3-rd party endorsement and customer testimonial blocks.

Then we added one last countdown timer block to encourage customers to shop before the holiday deadline expires…

And an FAQ to help overcome any last-minute objections:The Mother's Day template's Timer and FAQ blocks.

How to Run a Profitable Holiday Promotion

Holiday promotions like this one for Mother’s Day are a great way to boost revenue and keep your audiences engaged with your brand all year long.

But if you want to take your Mother’s Day sale to the next level…

Watch Ezra’s 90-minute Black Friday Sale Training:

Ezra's 90 minute Black Friday Training Video.In this free webinar, he gives you his step-by-step instructions for how to launch any kind of profitable holiday sale — complete with easy-to-copy ad campaigns and emails:

Watch Free Training


This training isn’t just for Black Friday: this is the same marketing system Ezra uses to run all of his holiday sales…

And whether you have 50 subscribers or 50,000, this proven training will help you make more sales during your Mother’s Day promotion. But you should start now — Mother’s Day is on May 14th!

Not a Pages user? Click here to start your free 14-day trial and launch your Mother’s Day sale today.

I’m Brittany — thanks for reading!

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