New Recharge Integration for OneClickUpsell: Pre-Purchase Subscription Upsells!

If you follow our blog, you might remember the first collaboration between Recharge and OneClickUpsell when we introduced Post-Purchase Subscription Upsells.


We weren’t done collaborating with this subscription powerhouse, and now we’re excited to bring you the next phase in our partnership:

Pre-Purchase Subscription Upsells!

Now you can boost lifetime customer value by converting more subscribers on both ends of your checkout!

Types of Pre-Purchase Subscription Upsells

With the exception of the multi-product offer, you can offer subscriptions in all types of your pre-purchase upsells.

This includes the “add to cart” and “dynamic” offers that can be configured to upsell a specific item (Single) or various items based on the contents of the customer cart (Dynamic).

Note: The upsell product displayed in a dynamic offer can change based on the offer settings in the OCU builder whereas the product in single offers do not change.

“Add To Cart” Subscription Offers

Add to Cart offers will add the subscription product directly to the customer’s cart once they’re accepted, therefore, increasing their average order value.

These offers convert best when you’re upselling a subscription add-on of a complimentary product, like selling toothbrushes and upselling a subscription for the toothpaste:The pre-purchase "subscription only" upsell offer

If the customer accepts the offer and clicks the “Add to order” button, then OCU will automatically add the subscription to the customer’s cart — hence the name, “Add to Cart” upsells!

“Upgrade” Subscription Offers

For this upsell type, when a customer adds a specific item to their shopping cart then OCU displays a special offer to upgrade that trigger product to a subscription instead.

If the customer accepts the offer, then the original trigger product is removed from the order and replaced by the new subscription product instead:

The pre-purchase "ugrade to a subscription only" upsell offer

For best results, we recommend using this offer to upsell the subscription version of the product already in the customer’s shopping cart.

Using the same toothpaste example, if a customer bought a single tube, you can upgrade them to the monthly subscription for that item.

Working With The Recharge Widget

The first step in getting your Recharge widget to appear inside OCU’s offer page builder is to allow subscription options for the product:

The "enable subscription" switcher inside the oneclickupsell offer builder.

Once the widget appears, you’ll notice the selling plan group options:The selling plan group options for the Recharge widget inside the OCU pre-purchase offer builder.

These options are pulled from the Recharge app and are dependent on the settings established there. They explain the frequency of your subscription, which include:

  • One-time subscriptions
  • Recurring subscriptions,
  • Pre-paid subscriptions
  • “Other” pre-selected subscriptions

You also have the option to edit the Titles inside the subscription widget:The "edit title" popup for the Recharge widget inside the OCU pre-purchase offer builder.

With a click, you can update or change the language around your pre-purchase subscription to what translates best to your customers.

This helps reduce the number of returns and sets the correct delivery expectations once the offer is accepted.

And as always, you can improve the performance of each subscription offer by split-testing it to achieve a higher AOV:The split-test card for two different pre-purchase subscription offers inside the upsell funnel.

You can learn more about subscription upsells if you visit the Subscription App Integrations help article prepared by our support team.

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