New Product Launch Templates Help Sell Out In Just 8 Days! (Zipify Pages)

Want to sell out your next product launch?

We just made it easier with these 2 new Product Launch Templates for Zipify Pages.

We know launching new products is hard, but it’s also one of the only reliable ways to grow a business…

So we want to help.

Using the new Product Launch Waitlist page & Product sales page, we generated 12,000 leads, converted 6,000 buyers and sold out of all 1,200 units of our newest product — and we did it in just 8 days.

Now you can download these pages with one click inside Zipify Pages.

Read on to see these templates in action and copy our winning product launch strategy for yourself.

Want to learn my entire product launch strategy?

You can watch me break down my complete promotional strategy in this free training: (plus you’ll get a few other strategies to help double your business):

This free 3-part series explains everything you need to know about how to run your next promotion, whether it’s a new product launch or a holiday sale.

Okay, now let’s get back to the templates.

The Boom Sun Opt-In Funnel & Templates

The Product Launch Waitlist Page

The first part of this strategy requires an email opt-in page to generate leads for your mailing list.

BOOM! started acquiring leads for their waitlist two weeks before the launch using three different opt-in pages.

These 3 simple opt-in pages were split-tested against one another and the clear winner was this Product Launch Waitlist Page:

The product launch waitlist page template inside zipify pages.

This new template consists of a full-width banner, two email opt-in sections, and a full-width image.

The sole purpose of this page is to collect leads not sales — that’s why there are no product images, sales videos, or even a specific release date. (In general, we’ve found that shorter opt-in pages work better than longer ones.)

To capture the email leads on this page, Zipify Pages users can choose from a number of popular CRM services to connect to their opt-in blocks, including:

  • ActiveCampaign
  • MailChimp
  • Klaviyo
  • Convertkit and more!

This gives you a list of email leads that you can communicate to for free, and the next step of this product launch strategy is to use it to get them excited.

Boom!’s Email Strategy

Once Boom! had a waitlist, they sent leads a series of automated anticipation-building emails.

These were content emails to educate potential customers on the benefits of the new product and add excitement for the launch. The goal is to create enough anticipation that the customers are warmed-up and eager to buy on Day 1.

And when Boom! was finally ready to launch their new product, they sent everyone to a conversion-optimized product page.

The Boom Sun Product Launch Page

The Boom Sun Product Launch Page template is packed with all the high-converting elements a modern product page needs.

Most noticeably, the upgraded buy box is optimized to include an image carousel with at least 8 hi-res looks, a sales video, a customer testimonial, and an ownership benefit statement that focuses on product benefits:

The top sections of the boom sun product launch page.

This template also includes other conversion-focused content like staggered long-form sales copy and product features.

These sections contain all the selling points they shared in their anticipation-building emails and it acts as a reminder of the product’s unique selling propositions:

The middle sections of the boom sun product launch page.

It also includes sections for a product ingredient list and FAQ where customers can get answers to the questions holding them back from purchasing:

The bottom sections of the boom sun product launch page.

After BOOM! emailed their waitlist about the sale, it was announced to their full email list and all traffic was directed to this product page.

The Results

When all the hard work comes together, here’s what’s possible:

  • 12,000 email leads
  • 6,200 buyers (Over 50% of total leads!)
  • 1,200 total units sold of Boom Sun

And another successful product launch that sold out in just 8 days.

So if you want to grow your brand this year, then start planning your next product launch now — it’s a proven tactic that works for any industry.

And now you can download these templates, plug in your own products and get ready for your biggest launch ever.

Get Ready For Your Next Product Launch!

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I’m Brittany — see you next time!

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