4 New Features for Zipify Pages: Video Background, Schedule Publishing & More (August 2020 Round-Up)

Hey, Brittany here!

We just added 4 new features to Zipify Pages:

  • Image Categories
  • Recently Deleted Pages
  • Video Backgrounds
  • Scheduled Page Publishing (Plus Users Only)

Want to see how these new features will help you managing content more efficiently and improving your marketing strategies?

Keep reading to learn more.

Scheduled Page Publishing (Plus Users Only)

You’re busy — and we get it! When managing your landing pages, we understand how time-consuming it can be to manually publishing pages on specific dates and times.

So, to cut down on the time and effort it takes to publish pages, we added Scheduled Page Publishing.

This is extremely helpful when you want a sales page or product launch to go live on a specified date and time.

It also gives you the option to create all of your blog posts for the week, month or beyond and schedule them to go live according to your content calendar.

You can access Scheduled Publishing from the “Publish/Update” popup in the page constructor by clicking the gear symbol located top-right of the editor.

Just set your desired timezone, date and time and click “Schedule Publish” — it’s that easy!

For more information on how to schedule page publishing, read this short article.

Image Categories

Previously, if you wanted to search for an older image in your Image Library, you had to scroll back to the beginning of the library to find it.

As you continue to create and publish pages, your Image Library will continue to grow and this means you could be scrolling forever to find an image — oh no!

That’s why we’re excited to introduce Image Categories.

Now you can create separate categories within Zipify Pages’ Image Library, allowing you to organize your images more efficiently and save time when building pages. Group product images, photoshoot images, promotion images and more.

Create an Image Category by selecting existing images in your Image Library and grouping them into a new category, or by creating a new category when uploading images to your library.

For more information on how to use Image Categories, read this short article.

Recently Deleted Pages

Don’t you just hate it when you delete a page, only to find out you deleted the wrong one or realize you want to reuse content from that page? Yeah, us too!

To ensure there is always a way to retrieve deleted pages, we’ve built a Recently Deleted Pages section.

Now you’re able to restore a recently deleted landing page if you change your mind and want to keep it.

For more information on recently deleted pages, read this short article.

Video Backgrounds

One of the more eye-catching marketing strategies being used right now is video backgrounds.

(Images used to be the standard, but now we’re in the age of video!)

To make sure we keep up with the evolving times, we just added support for Video Backgrounds into Zipify Pages.

Once you add a block to your page, click the pencil icon located top-right corner of the block to open the block editor. Here you can select “Background Video” and upload a video from YouTube, Wistia or Vimeo.

For more information on video backgrounds, read this short article.

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