New Template: “Hero Callout” Homepage (A Must-See For Tech & Apparel Brands)

Why is it that even when you run an off-site promotion linking straight to a product or category page, customers still end up on your homepage? 😂

We can’t tell you how they do it, but they will find a way! 

That’s why it’s important to have a homepage that gives a good first impression to new viewers and continues to impress returning customers.

So, with apparel and tech brands in mind, we’re excited to introduce our new sleek and minimal template for Zipify Pages: 

The “Hero Callout” Apparel Homepage.

If you look at the top tech and apparel brands, you’ll see their homepages have many similarities: clear navigation, high quality product imagery, product suggestions and customer reviews.  

And if you want to copy this design on your site, then we’ll save you the time and hassle: all you have to do is use this template and make it your own!

Let me show you the high-converting elements that make this template so appealing.

Broadcast the Unique Selling Proposition 

Before the customer begins scrolling down the page, they’re immediately introduced to the unique selling proposition that incentivizes them to make a purchase.

The Hero Callout Apparel Homepage template with the "free shipping" incentive highlighted

This first line of text (coupled with a colored background) grabs viewer attention and encourages shoppers to choose your business over your competitors’.

In our template, we’re using this section to promote a $35 free-shipping threshold, but this can be replaced with other incentives like a percentage or dollar amount discount threshold, free-item giveaway, opt-in opportunities and more. 

Stop Your Viewers in Their Tracks with a Stunning, “Hero Callout” Product Image

See the big, striking hero image with text overlay and call-to-action button? That’s why this template is called the “Hero Callout” Homepage:

The Hero Callout Apparel Homepage template with the hero image highlighted

This image is the main staple of the page and shows your customers how much care and effort you put into your brand. 

Clear, high-quality images communicate professionalism. This tells your customers that your brand is more “official” and “reputable”, making it more likely they will buy from you. 

After You Piqued Intrigue, It’s Time To Pitch The Sale

Our most popular buy box and a growing favorite in the Shopify community, the Dynamic Buy Box, is the next high-converting page element we’ll review: 

The Hero Callout Apparel Homepage template with the dynamic buy box highlighted

The flexibility of this buy box is unmatched. It gives you the most control over block design, paired with features like: 

To learn more about this block, visit the Zipify Pages: Dynamic Buy Box help documentation. 

Leverage The “Collection Block” To Give Customers More Products To Choose From 

In the next section, we’re using the “collection” block in a cross-sell type of way. Instead of cross-selling products directly inside the dynamic buy box, we’ve decided to give them their own section right below it. 

This is a quick and effective way to get more products in front of customers and boosts your chances to increase average order value:

The Hero Callout Apparel Homepage template with the collection block hightlighted

As shown in the example above, that section is followed by the image gallery and a section for some additional product marketing messages and popular brand logos.

Customer Review Logic & FAQ: Boost Buyer Confidence and Address Concerns

Finally, we complete our list of the high-converting elements in this template with Customer Reviews and the FAQ section. 

The Hero Callout Apparel Homepage template with the customer reviews and FAQ secion highlighted

The purpose of the reviews is to boost buyer confidence, giving the customer the feeling that they’ll have the same enjoyable experience using the product as the person who left the review.

The FAQ is there to address customer concerns and contributes to the increase of buyer confidence. With these two sections coupled, your customers will be well informed of your product(s) and that can greatly increase your chances of converting. 

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