[Case Study] “How I Made an Extra $142,371 with OCU”: The Most Important Moment of the Customer Journey (ft. Manuel Suarez)

“After all that hard work of digital advertising, social media marketing, email marketing… I would miss out on the most important window of the entire customer journey…

-Manuel Suarez, AGM Marketing

Meet Manuel Suarez, Founder and CEO of Attention Grabbing Media and an honored OCU Million Dollar Merchant.

Manuel’s agency specializes in creating, growing, and scaling ecommerce companies of all types, including brick-and-mortar businesses.

Over the past few years, one thing has been clear to Manuel:

Our #1 app that we’ve been using to help transform business overall has been Zipify… We wouldn’t be the same without Zipify Apps… I’m all in with Zipify Apps.”

How Zipify Helped Transform Manuel’s Business

While Manuel was already delivering a ton of success for his clients, he knew he wanted to do more to increase their average order value.

“I would miss out on the most important window of the entire customer journey and that’s the window where they already gave us their credit card information.”

After discovering OneClickUpsell a few years back, Manuel started leveraging both pre-purchase and post-purchase upsells, opening up a world of revenue-generating possibilities. 

Within a 30-day period, one of Manuel’s clients made over $10K in additional revenue (and an extra $142K overall) using OCU…

And upsells generated with the app now account for 10% of his client bases’s overall revenue!

“This is something that’s gonna help you increase your average order value a lot and increase your profit from your hard work.

Improving the Customer Journey

Working backwards in the customer journey, Manuel wanted to optimize his front-end sales pages to help seamlessly transition customers to his upsell offers. 

So Manuel decided to use Zipify Pages, our landing page and sales funnel builder for Shopify

“We now have the ability to create landing pages connected with our Shopify site natively so we can promote individual products very easily and have upsells going on when somebody adds one product to their cart.

Never Miss Another Upsell Opportunity

“I’m a big fan of Zipify… I’m a big fan of what the company’s doing to make it easier for ecommerce entrepreneurs to scale our business, our brands, in this era of opportunity…” 

“So, I highly recommend this app.”

If you’re not a member with Zipify, we want to invite you to join our community! Start a free 30-day trial to OCU or a free 14-day trial to Zipify Pages.

Manuel Suarez is the Founder and CEO of Attention Grabbing Media, an agency that specializes in creating, growing, and scaling ecommerce companies.

After OCU helped transform his business, Manuel became a Zipify Brand Ambassador to share his success story with store owners in our community.

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