[Case Study] “Zipify Has Made My Business EXPLODE!” A Shopify Success Story w/ Winner Nyguen

“Zipify was the #1 most talked about upsell app from all of my ecommerce friends. The UI is so simple to use. Overall, Zipify has made my business explode.”

-Winner Nyguen

Winner Nyguen is a Shopify store owner in the pet niche. 

When he told us about the amazing results he’s seen with Zipify OneClickUpsell, we asked him to share his success story with other ecommerce merchants in our community.

In this post, you will learn: 

  • Why Winner started using post-purchase upsells
  • How he structures his upsell funnels
  • Why he thinks everyone on Shopify should use OneClickUpsell

Upsells: The #1 Way to Maintain Profitability 

Winner has been in ecommerce for a little over 4 years.

“My ecommerce journey started my last semester of college. I was getting results, but I wasn’t as profitable as I wanted to be.”

When Winner asked his network of friends in the ecommerce community what they do to become more profitable, they told him about upsells. 

“Zipify was the #1 most talked about upsell app from all of my ecommerce friends. The UI is so simple to use. Overall, Zipify has made my business explode…

What Zipify has allowed me to do is to test a lot of products, and be very profitable once I scale my products because upsells in my opinion are the the #1 way to maintain profitability (email doesn’t even compare)…”

Now let’s go into Winner’s OneClickUpsell dashboard to see how he structures his upsell funnels!

Winner’s Upsell Results

In Winner’s dashboard, we can see that he’s made a total of $218,470 in extra revenue with OneClickUpsell: 

Winner's data dashboard showing $218,470 in total upsell revenue.

“This is all from Zipify. So this is literally just all free money that you could get if you downloaded an upsell app like Zipify.”

And in the month of April alone, he made $48,559:

Winner's data dashboard showing $48,559 in upsell revenue for April.

“That is a crazy number, and this is all free money. So imagine if you scale your business and just leave this money on the table. This amount of money can be the difference between your business being profitable or non-profitable.” 

Winner says that Zipify also helped him increase his average order value. He says without upsells, his AOV would probably be around $25–30, which is low compared to the $60 it is now:

Winner's data dashboard showing $60 average order value.

(Note: For you other OCU users out there, Winner’s dashboard might look a little different than yours. He’s been with Zipify a long time and he’s still on our legacy app, but he’ll soon be switching over to the new-and-improved OCU Native.)

Winner’s Upsell Funnel Strategy

So what’s Winner’s secret? How was he able to generate so much revenue using post-purchase upsells?

Let’s start by looking at one of his most successful upsell funnels:

Winner's data dashboard showing his most successful upsell funnel.

“This is one of my biggest funnels… However, the numbers aren’t the most accurate because I’ve changed my funnels a lot just to split test them, and whenever you change your funnels your revenue resets to $0.” 

So how does Winner structure his upsell funnels?

“I upsell the same product for around 30% off. And I have a downsell — that’s when someone denies the upsell you give them another offer. For my downsell I have a product related to my first product. So it has to be in the same niche.”

Winner stresses that all of your upsells and downsells should be in the same niche — and we agree with him! A good upsell is a relevant upsell.

Winner’s Message to Ecommerce Store Owners

Winner says that Zipify has helped him be more profitable with his offers, and he’s happy to know that he isn’t leaving any money on the table when testing new products.

“I think anyone who has an ecommerce store should really look into Zipify for their upsells, just because their user interface is so simple and the ROI of downloading the app is tremendous.

I made my money back for what I paid for it in the first hour, and that’s not me exaggerating anything. To me it’s a no-brainer. I have Zipify for all of my ecommerce stores, and I will continue to use Zpify for my ecommerce stores in the future.

I truly believe you have the power to change yourself if you work hard enough, but mostly, if you smart enough. And by working smart, I mean NOT leaving any money on the table.” 

If you’re not a Zipify member, we want to invite you to join our community! Visit the Shopify App Store to start your free 30-day trial or to learn more about OneClickUpsell.

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