“Shop Pay Installments” Widget Makes Its Way To Zipify Pages (New Integration)

We just combined Shop Pay (Shopify’s native installments service) and the Zipify Pages buy box into one powerful integration!

Introducing the new ”Shop Pay Installments” Information Widget. 

Previously, if a store didn’t explicitly say they offer Shop Pay Installments, customers would have to wait until the Cart or Checkout to find out. 

Now, this information can be added right into Zipify Pages buy boxes so your customers know right away.

To learn why you should be offering installment payments and how this new widget can help boost sales, keep reading!

Why Offering Shop Pay Installments Makes Sense

By giving customers the option to break up their payments rather than pay in full, installment apps like Shop Pay have boosted conversion rates around the world. 

That’s because when a buyer is considering making a purchase, whether or not a store offers installments can be a determining factor in their decision.

For most customers, taking on smaller payment increments over a longer period of time is just an easier burden to bear. 

And for the businesses that have Shop Pay and similar installment gateways added to their site, they tend to see a spike in sales and improved results.

In fact, according to a study from  NYU’s Stern School of Business, offering installment payments on your store can boost average order value by as much as 20–30%! 

How The Shop Pay Widget’s Visibility Helps Convert The Sale

While offering installments can help you generate more revenue, it won’t have any impact on the customers who don’t see this option.

Previously, Shop Pay was only visible on the Cart and Checkout, but this is deep in the sales cycle and many customers wouldn’t make it that far if they already decided they can’t afford the product.

But now, the Shop Pay Info Widget can be included right in the Zipify Pages buy boxes, reaching customers before they abandon the sales cycle.

Enabling The Shop Pay Installments Integration

This new integration requires you to have an active Shop Pay account that is processing transactions. If you don’t have an account and want to use this new widget, we recommend you sign up for one

Once you’re a Shop Pay user, complete the 2-step process below to turn on the integration:

Step 1: Go to Zipify Pages Settings > click on Integrations.  

Step 2: Scroll down to the Shop Pay Installments Widget by Shopify section > click the switcher to enable the integration: 

Shop Pay Installments section in the ZIpify Pages settings

That’s it! Zipify Pages recognizes your Shop Pay account and will now display their widget in any of the 6 integrated buy boxes* whose destination is set to the Cart or Checkout page. 

Now, when your customers visit the published pages with these buy boxes, they’ll see the widget right inside the buy box: 

Shop Pay Installments widget inside the dynamic buy box.

If the customer clicks “Learn more”, the Shop Pay information popup will appear, further explaining the payment breakdown with unique selling propositions: 

Shop Pay Installments information popup.

For more details on how to set up the “Shop Pay Installments” Info Widget, please read this short help article from our App Specialist.

*The new Shop Pay Installments widget is currently available for Dynamic Buy Box, Dynamic Product Section, Multi-Product Dynamic Buy Box, Dynamic Bundle Offer, Product Listing 1, and Product Listing 3 buy box. 

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I’m Brittany — thanks for reading!

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