Sendlane: Increase Your Email Revenue with this Robust Marketing Platform

Sendlane: Increase Your Email Revenue with this Robust Marketing Platform

Email is an incredibly powerful marketing channel for ecommerce brands, with the power to generate 30–40% of your overall revenue.

That is, if you do it right.

Unfortunately, not that many brands do. It’s not enough to just blast your list with a generic newsletter; and you can’t just send everyone sales promotions, either.

The trick is to send the right message to the right person at the right time, and to do that, you need to communicate with your customers dynamically based on their behavior.

That’s why we love Sendlane, an email marketing platform that helps you leverage behavioral automation to turn email into a huge revenue channel for your brand.

How? Let me show you.

What is Sendlane?

Sendlane is an ecommerce email marketing platform that turns online shoppers into loyal, lifetime customers. It combines beautiful email templates with automation, segmentation, and every other -ation you could possibly need.

So how is this different from grandpa’s marketing tool?

Most of the legacy email platforms we’ve tried have long onboarding processes and confusing interfaces that make them difficult to use.

On top of that, they usually focus on one-off email campaigns or “broadcast” emails while ignoring data-driven automation, which means our tech stack gets bloated and we spend all our time syncing our marketing tools instead of using them.

But that’s the old generation of email software.

Sendlane takes all the features that ecommerce businesses need in an email platform and packages them into a sleek interface that’s a snap to learn and, might I say, quite easy on the eyes.

That means you spend less time learning how to use the technology and more time on what’s important: strengthening customer relationships, generating sales and increasing your customer lifetime value.

How to Use Sendlane to Increase Your Email Revenue

Sendlane is an incredibly robust platform with a ton of useful features. Here are the ones we think will have the biggest impact on your brand.

Email Marketing (The Right Message)

It all starts with the emails, right?

With Sendlane’s intuitive drag-and-drop builder you can design perfect emails from scratch, no design or coding skills required (though HTML is available for you savvy folks out there.)

Or, you can use one of their high-converting email templates to get the most revenue out of your campaigns. They have templates for content, holiday sales, product launches, abandoned cart emails, and a lot more.

And here are a couple of bonuses we love: All of their templates are optimized for desktop and mobile (!), and Sendlane automatically tracks the open patterns and consumption habits of our subscribers so our emails are sent when each person is most likely to engage with them (!!).

Multivariable Segmentation (The Right Person)

Not all of your subscribers are created equal — at least, from a profitability standpoint.

Your list is made up of multiple types of customers, some of whom are more active, loyal and ready to buy.

Sendlane has over 100 data points that you can use to target segments of customers to create opportunities for revenue that you could be missing out on.

In the case of our ecommerce brand, for example, we like to find out when customers are most likely to buy again and then email them at just the right time to get them to convert; or maybe a customer hasn’t purchased again and we’re worried we’ve lost them — we know that’s the perfect time to incentivize them with a discount.

We love any opportunity to increase our customer lifetime value, and Sendlane’s ability to target specific customer segments at important times is a game-changer.

Marketing Automation (The Right Time)

Sendlane allows you to trigger full, pre-built ecommerce automation funnels based on your contacts’ behaviors.

So when our customers join an email list, order a specific product, abandon their cart, or take another meaningful action…

We can reach out with just the right email or SMS to nudge them toward the next step in their customer journey, leading to increased engagement, conversions, repeat purchases, and — of course — upsells!

These automations are easy to set up, and once you do, they run on autopilot.

But That’s Not All…

Those are some of our favorite Sendlane features, but their software has a whole suite of amazing functionality, including SMS notifications, forms, pop-ups and analytics. (Most of these features used to require a whole other app!)

How to Integrate OneClickUpsell with Sendlane

Sendlane integrates with over 1,400 marketing tools, including your good friends at OneClickUpsell.

Our integration allows you to automatically sync your customer data with your email lists so you can create data-driven emails and automations based on a customer’s past purchases, the contents of their cart, if they abandoned the sales cycle, and more.

First, you’ll need to start a Sendlane account (if you don’t have one already) and integrate it with Shopify.

Then, go to Sendlane’s integrations section and add OneClickUpsell:

Here is Sendlane’s quick guide to integrating with OneClickUpsell.

Increase Your Email Revenue with Sendlane

Are you ready to join us in the new generation of email marketing?

Then start using Sendlane to increase your email revenue by sending the right emails to the right people at the right time.

Not sure if it’s the right email platform for you? We get it. At Zipify, we’re hesitant to switch software too. But don’t worry — Sendlane has a “14-day, no obligation, no credit card required” free trial so you can try it for yourself at no risk.

Plus, their stellar support team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you with anything you need. (They’re the best!)

Just click here to get started.

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