Auto-Replace Expired Countdown Timers to Get More Value from Your Page Traffic (Zipify Pages)

Everyone knows that countdown timers are a great way to create urgency on a landing page…

But what if you could continue to get value from this page element even after the countdown ends?

Now you can with our new Timer Block update.

This feature allows you to auto-replace an expired countdown timer with another block of your choosing. 

Here are the different ways to use this new feature, and how to set it up.

The Importance Of The Timer Countdown & Why It Should Be Replaced When It Runs Out 

If you look across the digital marketing landscape, from small businesses to global brand powerhouses, you’ll find that everyone uses countdown timers. 

What’s surprising is that most of these brands don’t correctly update their pages when the timers run out. Instead, they:

  • Unpublish their pages, resulting in a 404 message.
  • Instruct visitors to check back later.
  • Give no instructions, leaving customers unsure what to do next.
  • Have an expired timer with a functioning buy button, indicating “false sale urgency”. 

All of these are missed opportunities to continue building customer interest in your brand and products. 

But with Zipify’s new functionality, you can automatically replace your expired timer with another block of your choosing. That way, your page can continue to engage with traffic coming from ads, emails and social posts.

Working With The Timer Block & How To Replace It

Please Note: This new feature is specifically designed for the Timer Block. 

In the following example, we replace the Timer Block with one of Zipify’s Opt-in Blocks so we can continue to generate revenue and grow our email list even after the initial campaign has ended.

When the countdown timer expires, the block becomes hidden. Then, the replacement block will appear wherever you placed it on the page. 

We’ve added the Opt-in Block right below the Timer Block so it appears right where the Timer Block was: 

Timer block showing above the opt-in block inside Zipify Pages builder.

Clicking on the time’s digits will open the countdown options. This is where you designate which type of countdown you want to use:

Evergreen Countdown Timer: Starts when the customer lands on the page. It will give each customer their own unique countdown and expiration time. 

Countdown To Specific Date: Lets you set the exact date and time you want the timer to end. 

Countdown Timer Options: evergreen countdown & countdown to specific date

Right below are the additional countdown settings. You can set a timer length (evergreen countdown only) and modify the appearance of the timer by selecting the font type, size, style, color, and alignment:

Editable timer appearance settings inside the Zipify Pages editor.

Next, we have the post-countdown section for the Timer Block. By default, the setting will be set to “Hide Timer Block”. Click on the “Replace Timer with Existing Block” option to use this new feature: 

Countdown timer post-countdown action options: hide timer block & replace timer with an existing page block.

From the drop-down you can choose any block that is already on that page. That block will now become hidden on the published page and only visible when the timer runs out:

Countdown timer options with text & opt-in form selected as the replacement block.

Save your changes and update the page to complete the timer setup! 

If you ever forget which blocks are linked, just check the page builder. A line of text will tell you if any blocks will replace / be replaced by other blocks.

New text indicating which block is linked with the timer block inside the Zipify Pages builder.

Watch the video at the top of this post to see an example of this new feature in action! 

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