OCU’s 5 Most Powerful (Yet Overlooked) Features


OCU’s 5 Most Powerful (Yet Overlooked) Features

***This post features OCU Legacy which is no longer supported by Zipify or Shopify. Click here if you’re looking for up to date information about OneClickUpsell***

Is OCU a great app for creating post-purchase upsell funnels? You betcha!

But it also has a ton of other powerful features that often go overlooked.

So if you want to save yourself a bunch of time and energy, while also adding to your bottom line…

Then watch this video where I list 5 features that every serious ecommerce seller should be using, including ways to:

  • Promote discounts on specific products or collections
  • Speed up your customers’ checkout time
  • Incentivize people to take your upsell offers
  • And MORE



The first rule of ecommerce upsells is to make sure that your offer is relevant.

That’s why you can never go wrong with these two upsells:

More of what your customer just bought (a bundle, or a larger size) at a discount. You know they like this product so you can be sure that your upsell is relevant to them.


A complementary product. If they bought a basketball, how about a basketball pump? If they bought a camera, how about a tripod?

No matter which of these offers you go with, OCU makes it easy to set up your upsell.

For example: If you’re offering more of what they just bought, just select a product from your store, customize the offer page (you can even specify the variant), add the tag to any products you want to be associated with your upsell, and you’re all set!

(You can watch the video for a demonstration.)


When offering upsells, you have to incentivize people to take your offer…

And whether you’re offering more of what they just bought or a complementary product — you want to make this offer more attractive by adding a discount.

This is easy with OCU.

When you’re setting up the offer page, just include the discount you want to use in the discount field.

OCU calculates everything for you, so the proper price is shown on the page (no coding necessary).


Speaking of discounts…

Sharable discount links are a great way to promote discounts for specific products or collections.

All you do is create the code inside of OCU (e.g., GET20OFF), add it to the products you want to discount, and then attach the code to the end of a page link.

Now, when you share this link, customers will be sent to the product or collection page (or anywhere you choose), and the discount will be auto-applied at checkout. Nice!


Getting customers to complete their orders is one of the hardest things to do.

They have to enter so much information, giving them plenty of opportunities to get bored or sidetracked.

To make this process quicker and easier, you can turn on Google Address Autocomplete.

Then, all a customer has to do is enter in a few characters and the rest of the fields are filled in for them. Easy!


Finally, to help you get the most out of our post-purchase upsell tool and all of its great features…

Our stellar support team strives to provide all the resources you need to succeed.

If you ever have a question or get stuck on something, just send them an email or in-app message and they can walk you through it.

We also have a robust help section full of step-by-step tutorials on how to get the most out of all our features…

As well as a full Members Area where you’ll find tons of great content for optimizing your store, including recorded Office Hours sessions where we improve users’ upsell funnels and more.
If you’re already a user of OCU, log into your account now and take a peek at these powerful (yet overlooked) features.

If you’re not a user and you’d like to be, visit zipify.com/apps/ocu to start your membership today.

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