OCU Updates: New API, CRM Integrations and More!


OCU Updates: New API, CRM Integrations and More!

***This post features OCU Legacy which is no longer supported by Zipify or Shopify. Click here if you’re looking for up to date information about OneClickUpsell***

Hey! It’s Jeff from Zipify, coming to you with some great news:

The team’s been working on a total overhaul of OneClickUpsell, both for improved performance and better usability

And we’ve recently added some amazing new updates & features, including a new API, CRM & tax integrations, and support for Shopify’s newest features.

These are the biggest updates we’ve developed over the last two months, so check them out!

New OneClickUpsell API!

At Zipify, integrations are always one of our top priorities…

And to make it easier for other app companies to integrate with OCU, we recently rolled out a new API.

This may not sound like a big update, but with this API, integrations are no longer held up by the capacity of our team.

Instead, if an app wants to be compatible with OCU (and we haven’t already started the process), they can simply build their own integration using the new API.

So if you have a favorite app that’s not yet integrated with OCU, please share this news with them!

New CRM Integrations: Drip & ConvertKit

Speaking of which, we also rolled out two new CRM integrations!

The first integration is with Drip, a full-service marketing platform designed for ecommerce.

The second is with ConvertKit, another great platform for engaging with your customers that gives you the ability to automate all the sequences you need for a successful store.

If you’re an experienced marketer, Drip is a great CRM to try out; if you want something a little simpler, ConvertKit is also a great option.

Avalara AvaTax Integration

The final integration we’ve added is for Shopify Plus stores using Avalara AvaTax.

AvaTax makes it easy to collect sales tax based on highly accurate tax calculations and the latest rules and rates.

New Discounts, Dynamic Checkout and Skip Cart Feature

Next, we’ve added support for a couple of Shopify’s latest updates:

    1. OCU now supports all of Shopify’s new discount types, including BOGO and Buy X Get Y.


    1. OCU now triggers upsells with Shopify’s Dynamic Checkout Buttons. With dynamic checkout buttons, customers can skip the cart and go directly to the checkout… Not only can you speed up the checkout process, but you can still offer upsells, too.


  1. Finally, we’ve added the ability to skip the cart page when using OCU. When you turn this option on in OCU’s settings, you can send anyone who clicks a buy button on your product pages, collection pages, or Zipify landing pages right to the OCU checkout.

(This is a really cool function that you should definitely test if you haven’t already.)
Whew! We covered a lot of ground, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. We have a lot of exciting changes coming to OneClickUpsell in the near future.

If you’re a current OneClickUpsell user, log into your account now and have a look at these new features.

If you’re not a user yet, go to zipify.com/oneclickupsell to start your membership today.

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