OCU Feature Round-up: New Carousel Options, Payment Disclaimer & Subscription Updates (June 2022)

At Zipify, we’ve been working hard on new features and exciting updates for our OneClickUpsell users.


Whether you’re looking to dial in your pre-purchase and post-purchase upsells, or you want more flexibility with your subscription offers, we’ve got a lot to show you that can help grow your Shopify store.


Here are the top 5 new features from June, 2022.

#1 New Carousel Option for Single-offer, Pre-purchase Upsells


Our first release allows you to display an image carousel for single-offer, pre-purchase upsells. 




After testing on BOOM! (our $155 million Shopify store), we saw an increase in “looks” app-wide when displaying the image carousel vs. having it hidden. 


Our test also showed that this increase in attention on the carousel translated into a higher conversion rate from those site visitors.


How to Enable This Feature 

Under the Buy Box section in the OCU builder, use the hero section drop-down to switch to the “Image Carousel View”. 


Buy Box Image Carousel


Carousel images will be pulled in from Shopify for the product selected, and they can be added or removed using the checkbox shown. 


Carousel Image Pulled in by Shopify


#2 Payment Disclaimer for Post-purchase Offer Pages


Our second feature applies to all post-purchase offer pages. 


In the left-side panel of the OCU builder, under the Buy Box 1 section, you’ll notice the new Payment Disclaimer toggle: 


Payment Disclaimer Toggle XZipify Shopify OneClickUpsell


When enabled, this action displays a message informing the customer that their payment will process immediately upon accepting the post-purchase upsell offer:


Zipify OneClickUpsell Payment Disclaimer


This is just one more way to help minimize returns by communicating clearly with your customers.


#3 New Subscription App Integrations


With approximately 15% of online users signing up for subscription services, leveraging these offers is a great way to increase customer lifetime value (especially post-purchase).


That’s why the rest of our new features all have to do with subscriptions!


For our third release, in addition to our current Recharge integration we’ve just released new integrations with 3 more subscription apps:



This gives you a total of 4 subscription services to choose from, with more on the way! 


#4 Copy Editing Capability for Subscription Widgets


Next, you can now edit the copy inside your configured subscription widget.


This wording used to be pulled in dynamically from the subscription app, but now you can change it by clicking on the preview’s elements


Edit Subscription Offer Zipify OneClickUpsell Shopify


This ensures your subscription offer is clear to your customers, making the buying decision that much easier.


#5 Manage Availability for Products (One-time & Subscription)


For our fifth and final release, we’ve made it effortless to manage availability for your one-time products and your subscription products.


If you want to offer both one-time and subscription purchases on a product, just go to the left-side panel and switch the toggle to on:


Manage Availability for Product on Zipify OneClickUpsell for Shopify


Or, if you want to offer only one-time purchases on the product, switch the toggle to off:


Turn Off Subscription Zipify Oneclick Upsell for Shopify


That’s it — I hope you enjoyed the OneClickUpsell feature round-up for June, 2022!


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I’m Brittany — thanks for reading!

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