New Integration: NMI Payment Processor!

September 17, 2018 5:00 pm | Published by |

New Integration: NMI Payment Processor!

NMI Payment Processor is now available to use with OneClickUpsell!

This is great news for any store that is considered “high risk” by other payment gateways due to chargebacks or high-volume returns…

And thanks to some mighty work from our development team, you can now use NMI to process your upsells.

Here’s how:

Connecting NMI to OCU

Ready to start using NMI to process your OCU orders? Here is an easy help article on how to connect NMI:

OCU: Connecting NMI Payment Processor

In this article, you’ll find complete instructions on how to add NMI to your OCU checkout (along with all other payment processors).

Just scroll down to “Connecting NMI” to get started.

NOTE: It’s important to test your orders when attaching a new payment gateway to ensure it is working correctly.

And if you’re interested to know what NMI can do for your store…

Click here to visit NMI’s website and learn more about their key benefits.