Top 4 New Features from November 2021: Shopify 2.0 Compatibility, FAQ Images & More

Hey, Brittany here!

From minor bug fixes to large 3rd-party integrations, we’re constantly updating and improving the Zipify Pages app. 

This past month (November, 2021), we released 4 new features that make page creation and design easier for you: 

  • Shopify Online Store 2.0 Compatibility
  • FAQ Accordion Images
  • Image Uploads Via URL  
  • Save “ZP Layout” Product Page as a Template

Here’s what’s great about these new features, and instructions on how to use them. 

#1 Zipify Pages is Now Compatible with Shopify’s Online Store 2.0

Shopify's Online Store 2.0 themes page

This year, Shopify released one of their biggest updates ever: Online Store 2.0.

This opened up a whole new world of possibilities for Shopify developers and merchants. Unfortunately, the update also introduced some new themes that had minor conflicts with Zipify Pages. 

But all that’s been resolved: now, Zipify Pages automatically recognizes the version of the online store you’re using. Whenever you enable the app or refresh the app assets, the code necessary for Zipify Pages to work is inserted directly into your theme.  

Visit the Online Store 2.0 Themes help documentation to learn more. 

#2 Add Images to FAQ Responses for Better Support and Increased Conversions

The first FAQ element we created inside Zipfy Pages was the standalone FAQ block

Next, we included an FAQ section inside our dynamic product boxes. And now, we’ve added the ability to include images within your responses for both sections mentioned above.

Before we rolled this feature out to our users, we split tested it to see the impact it would have on our product pages.  

We duplicated the BOOM! Gold product page and added the FAQ accordion drop down to the buy box on one of those pages. 

When the test ended, we learned the product page with the FAQ had an additional $4.10 in revenue per session:

Results from FAQ/Accordian split test

Adding Images to the FAQ Section 

This new feature is automatically available for all FAQ blocks and sections, new and existing. If you aren’t working with an existing FAQ / Accordion Block, add a new one to the page from the block library: 

ZIpify Pages' Block library with FAQ/Accordian block highlighted

Once the block is added to the page, click on it to open the “Appearance” settings. This section lets you select the FAQ layout, font, styling and more

FAQ/Accordian Options "appearance" section

Right below this “Appearance” section is the “Content” section. This is where you can preselect the questions and responses displayed on your page. Under each response is a button labeled “Add Image”: 

FAQ/Accordian Options "Content" section

When you click this button, the universal image editor found inside Zipify Pages will show. These familiar options let you modify the image shape and size, hover state, borders, and over 8 different clickable destinations:

Image editor for the FAQ image

Once the image and its settings are saved, it becomes visible under the associated response. Next to the image will be two response layout options to choose from, one to show the text before the image and vice versa:

Layout section for the FAQ image

Choose your layout and click “Confirm” to update the page. That’s all there is to it! 

Here’s how the image will appear inside your FAQ section when the response is expanded:

Example of the FAQ image showing in the Zipify Pages page builder

#3 Upload New Images to the Image Library Using a URL 

Check out this new method for uploading images to the image library. 

Now, when you’re on the image library dashboard, there is a large “Upload by URL” button for quick action: 

Location of the new "upload by url" button inside the image library

Once this button is clicked, add your link to the space provided and click “Import” to add your images into the app:

Import Image by URL pop-up

#4 Make Your Favorite “ZP Layout” Product Page a Template and Use it Over & Over

If you’ve been creating pages with us for a while then you know it’s been one of our more anticipated features. 

After you put time and effort into creating your ideal product page, you want an easy way to duplicate the design and layout across every new page you create, right? 

Well to help you do that, we added two different ways to save your “ZP layout” product page as a template.

First, on the product page dashboard by selecting “Save as a template” from the additional page options:

"Save as a Template" option on the product page dashboard inside Zipify Pages

And second, from directly inside the page builder by navigating to the left-hand side panel’s “Page Settings” and selecting “Save Page as a Template”: 

"Save Page as a Template" option inside the Zipify Pages builder

When creating a new page, saved templates can be located under the “My Templates” section: 

The Zipify Pages template section with "My Templates" highlighted

This has been Brittany — thanks for reading!

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