June 2024 Newsletter: 6 New Features for Zipify Apps


Welcome to Zipify’s monthly feature wrap-up for June 2024.

This post will walk you through the month’s biggest releases for OneClickUpsell and Zipify Pages — so watch the video or scroll down to see how you can put these new features to work growing your Shopify store!




  • Predefined Quantities for Pre-Purchase Upsells
  • New Shopify Plus In-Checkout Offers (with split testing!)
  • Updated for Shopify’s Extensibility Feature


Zipify Pages


  • Product Grid Element with 20 Products
  • Shop Mini Bundles for the Shop App
  • New Templates: 4th of July Holiday Sale & More

OneClickUpsell’s New Features

1. Predefined Quantities for Pre-Purchase Upsells

Starting off, we’ve added a predefined Quantity feature for your Pre-Purchase Offers.

This gives you the flexibility to offer set quantities of products when your pre-purchase offer is displayed.

This can be a great strategy for boosting your average order value if you have the capability to upgrade customers to multipacks or offer complimentary products in bulk like replacement filters or 3-month supplies.


2. Huge Upgrade to In-Checkout Offers for Plus Stores

Next, for our Shopify Plus store owners, we’re excited to announce a game-changing upgrade to our In-Checkout Offers.

Now, you can add up to 8  products directly onto your Shopify Plus checkout page—and you get to choose how these upsells are displayed: horizontally, vertically, or even in a carousel!

Plus, this new In-Checkout offer will even display on the Shop App!

This makes the combinations for boosting your Average Order Value nearly endless—which is great, because this new feature also comes with brand-new Split-Testing capabilities!

So you’ll be able to test different offers and designs to maximize your upsell revenue even more!

You can find more information about these new In-Checkout Offers in this help article.

3. Updated for Shopify’s Extensibility Feature

Finally, we’ve been working behind the scenes to keep up with Shopify’s latest checkout extensibility feature for the Order Status Page, so very soon you’ll see an additional Thank You Page offer build specifically for the new upgrade.

The big benefit for you is that this will allow you to display your thank you page offer on your order details page too! So you get a second chance to make that extra sale whenever your customers check their order status.


Keep an eye out for this release coming soon!

Zipify Pages New Features

1. Product Grid Element with 20 Products

First, let’s highlight the brand new Product Grid feature we just added to the builder.

With this new element, you can display up to 20 unique products at once, making it easier for your customers to browse and shop your store from any Zipify Page.


This new product Grid is super flexible—and you can choose to display your products either in a large grid format or with an interactive slider.


We also made editing this feature easy, because any changes you make to one column are automatically applied to all of them which saves you time and helps you keep a consistent, professional look to your pages. Learn more here.


2. Shop Mini Bundles for the Shop App

Next, we’re super excited to announce our brand new Shop Mini Bundles feature for the Shop app!


This new feature lets you place a bundle builder widget directly on your Shop app product page, just below the main product:

Choose up to 3 products and your customers can add these extra products to their cart with just a single click.

Plus, you can set up an increasing discount ladder so the more items they add, the bigger the discounts they unlock!

This new feature is a foolproof way to skyrocket your average order value—but the best part? You can start creating Shop Mini Bundles today at no extra cost because it’s included with every Zipify Pages subscription!


3. New Templates: 4th of July Holiday Sale & More

Lastly, we’ve added a few new templates to the Zipify Pages template library including a brand new Holiday Template for the 4th of July:

4th of July Template

We also added new templates for Electronics and Accessories brands, and every one comes pre-loaded with a tone of new built-in features that are specifically designed to help your brand (and conversion rate) rise above the competition.

If you haven’t checked out our template library in a while, head on over because we’ve added a ton of amazing new templates this year that can help grow your store no matter what you sell.


Ready to Grow Your Shopify Store?

You have more tools than ever to grow your Shopify store thanks to these April updates for OneClickUpsell and Zipify Pages — so dive in, and give these new features a try today. 


Sign up for a risk-free trial today and discover how our apps can help you grow your Shopify store.


Thanks for reading!

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