[Case Study] How a Former Retail Expert Gets 20%+ Conversion Rates on Her Shopify Upsell Funnels

Meet Jeanine, the President and Co-founder of Third Coast Herb Company. 

Her brand is known for selling Herbalogic, a line of herbal drops and capsules that supports the body’s natural response to sleeplessness, stress and tension, low energy and much more. 

Before starting her company, she worked as a sales associate in a high-end kitchen retail store. That’s where she learned how to upsell and cross-sell products.

Fast forward to today, she’s taken what she learned and combined it with the upselling capabilities of Zipify OneClickUpsell

As you’ll see, her results have been pretty astronomical — with every upsell funnel reporting higher than a 20% conversion rate. Whoa! 

Keep reading to learn the process behind Jeanine’s success and how you can apply the same methods to your marketing.

The Perfect Ingredients To Learn Upselling

When Jeanine worked at the high-end kitchen store, her priority was to “maximize [the customer’s] chance at culinary success” — ensuring the customer had everything they needed before embarking on their culinary crusade. 

“When someone came to the checkout carrying a box of cake mix, a mixing bowl, and cake pan, it wasn’t a big leap to guess they might be trying to bake a cake.

This simple recognition of what the customer is trying to accomplish would segue into recommending additional items the customer may not have considered. 

“At that point, it was helpful to say ‘Looks like you’re getting ready to bake a cake. Do you have a spatula to scrape the batter out of the bowl?’, and put a spatula in their hand. Maybe an apron.

This is a perfect example of upselling complementary products

Jeanine did not randomly offer products to the customer. Every upsell pitched had an intended purpose — to maximize the customers chance at culinary success. 

How Jeanine’s Sales Experience Influences Her Upsell Strategy

By seeing the “big picture”, Jeanine was able to tell which products her customers needed to meet their goals — and whichever ones they didn’t have, she was able to upsell those. 

At Herbalogic, we take the same approach with our upsell offers to make sure our customers have all the tools they need.

For example, Herbalogic sells Solid Eight, a sleep aid formula that is made to support restful sleep naturally. Being the expert she is, Jeanine explained: 

“We here at Team Herbalogic understand that restless sleep usually starts with daytime stresses. ” 

That’s why Herbalogic also offers Decompress herb drops, which is used for daytime stress relief and trouble staying asleep at night. 

The first thing Jeanine did was make the sleep aid drops the trigger product for the upsell funnel in OneClickUpsell. Every time the drops were purchased, the customer would be presented with the products added as the post-purchase upsells

As her first upsell, Jeanine chose to offer the Quiet Mind herb drops. These drops are formulated to help promote relaxation and calmness, which is a great complementary product to go along with the Solid Eight trigger product:

Herbalogic's Upsell Funnel results with Upsell Offer #1 highlighted

For both her Downsell Offer #1 and the Upsell Offer #2, Jeanine added the Decompress herb drops:

Herbalogic's Upsell Funnel results with Upsell Offer #2 highlighted

This is important because if the customer accepts Upsell #1 then they will go to Upsell #2, and if they decline Upsell #1 then they will see Downsell #1.

The way Jeanine has her funnel set up guarantees her customers see both post-purchase upsell products, regardless of their action on Upsell Offer #1

And just as she once did as a sales associate, she continues to upsell complementary products that go hand-in-hand. 

“Zipify OCU makes it simple to offer multiple complementary products in this way. By really understanding what customers are telling us when they make purchase decisions, we can offer complementary products to help them achieve success. That’s why we have great conversion rates.

Jeanine’s Upsell Funnel Results 

So how well did the funnel we just look at perform?

As you can see in the image below, the first upsell in the funnel we just reviewed had a stellar 22.73% conversion rate with a value of $2.71 per visitor:

Herbalogic's Upsell Offer #1 results

Unexpectedly, Upsell Offer #2 (the offer that shows after Upsell #1 is accepted) had an even higher conversion rate than Upsell #1. 

Upsell Offer #2 reported a 29.2% conversion rate with a value of $2.91 per visitor:

Herbalogic's Upsell Offer #2 results

So out of all the customers who bought the initial product and Upsell #1, 29.2% also bought Upsell #2. That’s 2 extra sales on top of the original! 

Overall, this single funnel had a 27.06% conversion rate.

And when we look at Jeanine’s other funnels, by using her system of upselling complementary products, none of them performed below a 20% conversion rate — some were as high as 35.5%

Herbalogic's list of upsell funnels inside OneClickUpsell

“I love how easy Zipify OCU makes it to help our customers find the other products they need to be successful.”

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