5 Ways to Improve Your Product Launches with OCU Downsells (w/ Greg Bulgarelli)

“Our average order value is now up over $40, and the past couple of months it’s been over $50. And for us that’s almost DOUBLE where it was last year.”

-Greg Bulgarelli, Founder

Introducing new products to your customers can be both exciting and challenging. 

If you’re already selling products your customers love, you probably have a good idea of what else they might be interested in. The challenge is gaining traction with the new product and actually making sales. 

But did you know that aside from paid ads, emails, and other forms of social marketing… 

You can improve your next product launch with post-purchase upsells and downsells?

To learn how OCU downsells can be leveraged to grow the sales and popularity of new products, listen to Greg’s story in the video above (or continue reading). 

Greg Bulgarelli is the Founder of Live Wise Naturals, an ecommerce brand in the health supplement industry. Greg’s been using OneClickUpsell to easily offer his customers pre- and post-purchase upsells, run split tests, and introduce new products into his funnels. 

“The [funnels] are easy to set up. It takes literally 5 minutes to do so. And that’s a big benefit for us. We’re a small company.”

Since installing OCU, he’s seen incredible results with his upsell offers and split tests. As shown below, the winner of his latest split test is converting at 39.24% and increasing the average order value on his store by $6.27 per visitor:

“And this year we’ve seen a big increase in our AOV. [The increase] is a little over $6.00 for us. And all we’re doing at the moment is asking the customer to buy another product of the one they’ve already got in their cart, at a discount.”

Offering your customers more of the same product they just bought is something you learn in Upselling 101, and it continues to be the #1 accepted upsell offer.

“Our average order value is now up over $40, and the past couple of months it’s been over $50. And for us that’s almost double where it was last year.”

What we found most intriguing about Greg’s funnel was how it introduced a newly released product as a downsell.

After examining the logic behind Greg’s funnel, we’ve come up with the 5 ways offering a new product as the downsell can improve your product launch: 

  1. The Funnel  

If the downsell is showing, this means the original upsell offer was declined. Because Greg’s customer declined an additional item of the one they just purchased, they’re probably more inclined to buy a different product. Returning customers who are familiar with your brand will have a higher chance of purchasing your new product to, at the very least, “try it out”. 

  1. Product Awareness

Even if the customer doesn’t accept the downsell, they are now educated and aware that there is a new product available. In Greg’s case, his downsell offer was seen by over 220 viewers. New products are fun and exciting for customers, and if they aren’t interested now, hopefully they’ll look forward to other products you release in the future.

  1. The Enticing Discount 

Greg provided a 20% discount on his first upsell offer. For the downsell offer, the new product was discounted 40%! The purpose of this higher discounted price is to encourage more customers to try this new product before it goes back to full price. It’s an opportunity for customers to get the product in-hand with minimal financial risk. Any customer who enjoys your new product will return for another one and if you’re offering subscription products, this is exactly what you’d want to happen!

“…this is for a brand new product, so we’ve got it at a big discount. And we’re trying to get some traction with it.”       

  1. Additional Sales

Even if you’re offering a generous discount, you’re still increasing your average order value. With a 40% discount, Greg was able to increase his AOV by $0.88 per visit with the downsell alone. As times goes on, you can easily modify and split test the discount amount to where you begin generating additional revenue on each sale while keeping the conversion rate high.

  1. Social Proof Generator

A customer who purchases the downsell and really likes your new product has a greater chance of leaving a review, especially if you take the time to follow up with them. If you start offering your new product strictly as an OCU downsell until you’re ready to push it live on your store and run ads to it, you can use the reviews for your new product

when you start marketing it on a wider scale.

So, how well has this new product been performing for Greg so far?

“We still have a 7% take rate on that. Which is awesome as well”

“If you get a chance to try OneClickUpsell we highly recommend it.”

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Greg Bulgarelli is the Founder of  Live Wise Natural, an ecommerce brand in the health supplement industry. Last year was the first year his business broke 6-figure sales and he credits OCU for helping him reach this milestone. 

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