Ezra’s #1 Tip to Avoid Burnout & Accomplish Even More

“We’re not running a race; we’re running a marathon. Success takes time.”

The #1 Problem for Entrepreneurs

What’s the one simple skill I learned to escape the hustle, increase productivity and accomplish more?

Learning to rest. 

I think in the entrepreneur world, there’s not enough emphasis on rest, relaxation, and recharging. 

If you’re in this industry long enough then you see a lot of people burn out, because we’re all told “work, grind, hustle, sacrifice”… 

But we’re not running a race; we’re running a marathon. Success takes time.

Why I Focus on Work-life Balance

So what I’ve done, especially in the last couple of years, is put a strong emphasis on work-life balance. 

If I’m pushing hard in my business, I also make sure I’m resting, relaxing, and eating well; that I’m moving my body, and leaving time for stillness. 

And this has made me more productive. It actually works toward accomplishing my goals even though it seems like it’s working against them. 

So make sure that you’re taking care of yourself and rebuilding the energy you’re giving to your business.


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