Ezra Firestone Behind the Scenes at Shopify HQ in Toronto

Do you have a Shopify store? Well I just partnered with Shopify on an awesome free courseFacebook Ads for Beginners: Retention & Loyalty. Learn how I’m using The 3 Pillars of Advertising to grow my $59 million brand.

Hey! Ezra here, behind the scenes at the Shopify HQ in Toronto, Canada.

Shopify asked me to come film two new ecommerce courses for their community and to rub some elbows with their team, and when Shopify calls, you answer!

Maybe it’s the fact that my team is 100% virtual and I don’t even have an HQ, but I really, really like it here. Beyond being a great physical space, Shopify has also fosters an incredible company culture for their employees.

And as a business owner with 86 employees, this is a key lesson I’ve learned about leadership:

As CEO, you get to set the goals for your team, but you have to give them autonomy and freedom if you want them to take ownership and enjoy their work.

For one group in the Toronto HQ, that freedom is a conference room designed to look like their parents’ basement, complete with an OG Nintendo and wood paneling.

For another, it’s hiring a Director who empowers his teams through trust instead of micro-management.

To find out how Shopify is using Spotify to increase brand awareness, and how Jason Naidu and Benji Yang are helping to manage the ads for this $20 billion dollar business —

Watch the video of my behind-the-scenes tour of Shopify HQ in Toronto.

0:01 Behind the scenes tour
1:19 You’ve got to give people autonomy and freedom
2:09 How Shopify is using Spotify ads to grow brand awareness
4:08 How Shopify manages their growth teams

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