[Case Study] How Club EarlyBird Uses Upsells to Drive 10–15% of Sales for Their 6-Figure Product Launches

“[OneClickUpsell] is definitely a game changer. It’s adding about $9 in extra revenue for every customer that we bring in, and that’s been huge.”

-Chuckie Gregory, Founder of Club EarlyBird

Chuckie Gregory is the founder of Club EarlyBird, a Shopify brand that makes healthy morning cocktails (don’t worry — they’re nonalcoholic!).

When he told us how OneClickUpsell was helping him run profitable product launches, we asked him to become a Zipify Brand Ambassador and share his success story with our community.

In this post, you will learn:

  • How Club EarlyBird uses upsells and cross-sells to generate 10–15% of the revenue for their 6-figure product launches
  • The split tests they’re running on their post-purchase offers
  • Their conversion rates and increases in average order value 

Let’s dive in!

About Club EarlyBird’s 6-Figure Product Launch

Chuckie just got finished launching a new product — a limited new flavor of his healthy morning cocktails — and the launch went great. 

“This was about a 6-figure launch, and in that week… 10–15% of our sales were either cross-sell or upsell revenue.”

How do Chuckie’s upsells and cross-sells perform so well? He tests them to maximize their impact.

Let’s look at a few of the split tests he ran during this launch.

Split Test for Single Item Buyers

During the product, launch customers were given the option to buy either 1 tub of the morning cocktail or bundles of either 2 tubs or 4 tubs.

“We actually separated out whether they chose 1 tub, 2 tubs or 4 tubs… If they chose 1 tub, we sent them to a separate funnel than if they chose 2 or 4 tubs. 

And we did that because we wanted to do a split test on 2 and 4 tubs of whether offering 1 or 2 tubs as the upsell would be better.”

When a customer chose 1 tub as their purchase, they went into this upsell funnel where they were first offered a shaker cup as a pre-purchase upsell:

“So this is the pre-purchase upsell. As you can see it had an 8% take rate, brought in $1,377 and added $1.34 in additional revenue per user.”

Did offering pre-purchase upsells scare off Chuckie’s customers and get them to abandon their cart? He says no.

“We’ve found that these pre-purchase upsells don’t impact conversion rates, so this is all extra revenue.”

For the post-purchase upsell in this funnel, Chuckie chose to split test the image on the upsell offer page. 

The results were pretty surprising.

“We tested that against this white background shot, and surprisingly this had a much higher conversion rate: almost 2% higher conversion rate and brought in $0.85 more in additional revenue.

So now when we do our next limited edition flavor drop — which we do every 2 to 3 months — we’ll make sure to use an image that’s more similar to this.”

Split Test for Bundle Buyers

As Chuckie said before, if a customer chose 2 or 4 tubs for their initial order, they went into a separate funnel. That funnel looked like this:

They were offered the same cocktail shaker as their pre-purchase upsell, this offer converting at 12.5% and adding an additional $2.24 in revenue for every visitor…

But for the post-purchase upsell, instead of offering 1 extra tub of cocktail mix they offered 2 tubs.

“Since they’re making a bigger purchase, we thought maybe we could offer them 2 extra tubs instead of 1 extra tub, and that would bring in more revenue.”

Alas, this hypothesis didn’t turn out to be correct.

“Offering just 1 tub instead of 2 tubs actually brought in more money per visit — about $0.50 more per visitor.”

OneClickUpsell is a Game Changer! 

“So that’s how we’re using Zipify OneClickUpsell. It’s definitely a game changer. It’s adding about $9 in extra revenue for every customer that we bring in, and that’s been huge.”

We want to thank Chuckie and Club EarlyBird for sharing their results with us and the Zipify community. 

We’re so happy to see your brand succeeding!

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