(OCU)Add Up To 8 In-Checkout Upsells For Shopify Plus—With Split Testing!

Are you on Shopify Plus

Then get excited, because OneClickUpsell just released a game-changing new upgrade to your In-Checkout Offers!

Now you can add up to 8 upsells directly on your Shopify Plus checkout page, and choose how you want to display them on the page, either: 

  • Horizontally or Vertically 
  • Stacked or in a Carousel

This takes your checkout to the next level, but it’s only available for Shopify Plus stores so if that’s you then keep reading to learn more!

Introducing OCU’s New In-Checkout Upsells!

We just skyrocketed the number of upsells you can offer from 1 product to 8, so this is a massive upgrade for our Shopify Plus users.

Plus, it works on both Shopify’s 1-page checkout and the traditional 3-page checkout, so we’ve got your store covered no matter which checkout one you use.


Designing Your In-Checkout Offers

Along with increasing the number of upsells you display in-checkout, we also made the design of this offer a lot more flexible. 

Now you have the power to choose how you want those products displayed, as well:

First, you can choose to display your upsell products either vertically or horizontally, and either above or below the products already in your customer’s cart:

Second, you can choose to display your upsell products stacked, one next to the other, so they’re all visible…

Or you can display your products inside a carousel that your customers click through, so they only see one product at a time:

Works For The Shop App, Too!

Thanks to a new partnership between Shop and Zipify Apps, these brand new In-Checkout Offer can also be shown directly in the Shop app, too!

Setting Up Your In-Checkout Upsells

As I said before, this offer is only offered for Shopify Plus. That’s because it requires the use of Shopify’s Checkout Editor, a feature that’s exclusively available on Plus plans.

To add these new offers to your checkout, you’ll first need to go to the Shopify Checkout Editor and add the OCU app to it.

For step-by-step instructions on how to add OneClickUpsell to your Shopify Checkout Editor, read this help article: Working With The Shopify Checkout Editor.

Split Testing

With 8 potential product options and all these new design possibilities, the combinations are endless for ways to boost your average order value.

That’s why we’re also releasing a A/B split-testing for In-Checkout upsells as a second big feature upgrade!

Now you can test two upsells with different products and discounts to see which combination works best—and test those winning combinations across different widget designs to maximize your sales even more!

To learn more about split-testing, read this help article.

Test 4 Variants At Once With OCU Plus!

Want to level-up your split-testing game and get the maximum upsell revenue possible? 

Then consider upgrading to OneClickUpsell Plus, our best plan for high-earning Shopify Plus stores:

OCU Plus users get our most advanced features like A/B/C/D split-testing which allows you to test up to four variants at one time, so you can dial in your most successful offers in a fraction of the time. 

To learn more about OCU Plus, including how we’re helping these stores earn an average of $230,000/year in extra upsell revenue, then visit the OCU Plus page today!


$2 Million And Counting…

If you’re on Shopify Plus, then your In-Checkout offers are a great opportunity to upsell and cross-sell products your customers want, so you can significantly boost your AOV. 

And we have the data to prove it. Just in 2024, our users have already generated nearly $2 million in extra revenue from in-checkout offers alone. 

So don’t wait! Visit our help article now for a step-by-step guide on how to set up In-Checkout Offers on your store and take advantage of these amazing new features. 

To get started, read this help article.

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