OCU Feature Round-Up: 4 New Features to Start The New Year (January 2023)

Well, the New Year has started…

And here at OneClickUpsell, that means new resolutions, new beginnings, and of course —

New features!

Here are your top 4 new feature releases for OCU from January 2023. Enjoy!

#1 Full Screen View Inside the App

The first feature on our list is the new full screen view for the app.

Full screen icon in the OCU dashboard.

You’ll find this full screen icon at the bottom of the OCU dashboard’s left-side panel (see above) as well as inside the app’s offer page builder.

Now you can click this icon anytime you want a more focused view of the app with fewer distractions and a lot of extra space.

#2 Better Upsell Management Inside the Dashboard

The second on our round-up is a big improvement to how you manage your upsell funnel priority.

Better Upsell Management Inside the Dashboard

We added new drag-and-drop functionality to the funnel dashboard, so now you can instantly reorganize your funnel priority in seconds.

To make a switch, simply drag any funnel higher or lower, and the app will automatically adjust the order on your store. This can be a huge time-saver for stores with lots of SKUs or sophisticated upsell offers!

(In addition to drag-and-drop functionality, we’re building new features to improve our funnel dashboard even more. These upgrades will be dropping soon in an upcoming feature release!)

#3 Option to Disable “Autoselect Variant”

Our third new feature allows you to disable the auto-selection of variants in your post-purchase offers:
Option to Disable “Autoselect Variant”

By default, when you’re upselling a product with multiple variants, the first variant of that product becomes the one that’s automatically displayed in the buy box.

This can be ideal when you want to offer a smaller size item before a larger one — but not so great when you want the customer to select a specific color

So now you can disable this automation and require customers to manually select their variant before purchasing.

This feature reduces the risk of wrong-item orders and returns for your store.

#4 New Countdown Timer Limits

The fourth and final feature on this Round-Up is a new conversion element for your post-purchase upsell offers.
New Countdown Timer Limits

We upgraded the OCU countdown timer with three new time limits that encourage your customers to take action before your offer expires.

Now you have the flexibility to select between 3 minutes, 5 minutes and 10 minutes for your post-purchase upsells — or test different time limits to see which one has the best conversion rate.

And that’s a wrap on January, 2023!

I hope you enjoyed our first feature round-up of the New Year.

Do you have a great idea for a new OneClickUpsell feature? Submit your new feature requests here.

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I’m Brittany — thanks for reading!

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