Top 5 New Features For Zipify Pages: Buy Box Star Rating Integrations, Nested Menus & More (February Roundup)

Welcome back, y’all!

This past month we released a whole heap of new features into the Zipify Pages app that are helping users create, design, and manage their pages more efficiently. 

To keep you up to date, we’re here to roundup the “top 5” new features from February 2022: 

  • Buy Box Star Rating Integrations
  • Image Carousel Thumbnail Positions
  • Homepage Template Section
  • Nested Menus
  • Scrollable Text Nav + Image

Keep reading to learn how these upgrades can improve the way you use Zipify Pages and make your pages finer than a frog’s hair! 

 #1 – Dynamic Buy Box Star Rating Integrations

The dynamic buy box is our most popular buy box in Zipify Pages because of the high-converting elements available inside it. 

In an effort to improve this element, we just built integrations with some of the most popular review apps to bring their star ratings and number of reviews to our buy box.

These services include: 

  • Product Review by Shopify
  • Yotpo
  • Loox 
  • Opinew

To begin using this integration you will need to have an active account with one of the services listed above.

Next, add the dynamic buy box to your page and click the star reviews element:

Dynamic buy box native star reviews.

The left hand side panel will open up, displaying the Star Rating settings:

left-hand side panel settings for the star ratings.

Click on the Review Apps drop-down and select your reviews service provider:

Star review integrations available in Zipify Pages.

To Display Number of Reviews collected for the product in the dynamic buy box, click the toggle shown:

The "display number of reviews" switcher in the sta rating settings.

That’s it! Now, the star reviews you’re accustomed to seeing from your review service will dynamically appear inside the buy box, lookin’ as pretty as a peach

Visit the Zipify Pages: The Star Rating Element help section to learn more. 

#2 – Image Carousel Thumbnail Positions

Another high-converting element you can find inside the buy box is the image carousel. Most brands use image carousels to show additional images of products, play videos, display messages, and more. 

Originally, when using the dynamic buy box and the dynamic bundle offer block inside Zipify Pages, the image carousel could only be shown under the hero image:

dynamic buy box with image carousel under the hero image.

Now, we’ve added a setting that allows the image carousel to show on the left-hand side of the product’s hero image on both desktop and tablet:

dynamic buy box with image carousel to the left of the hero image.

To change the position of your carousel, simply click on it to open the Carousel Options popup. Scroll down to Thumbnail Position at the bottom and select the layout you desire:

Thumbnail position option in the "Carousel Options" popup.

#3 Homepage Template Section 

You may have noticed how some brands will change their homepages to match their current promotion, holidays, partnerships, events and more. 

That’s because updating and changing your homepage is a great way to refresh your marketing and helps express the values of your brand. 

To make it easier for you to switch between homepages and to keep them conveniently organized, we released the new Homepage template section. 

Now, you’ll see an additional page section under the Pages section of the Zipify Pages dashboard:

New home page section inside Zipify Pages.

By clicking on the Home Pages section, your list of created home pages will show. 

Create as many as you’d like and flip the switch on the one you want shown on your site:

The Home Page publish & unpublish switchers.

#4 Nested Menus Scrollable Text Nav + Image (New Block)

The next upgrade we have is available for the dynamic header and the simple text nav #1 block. Now, you can have a nested menu option that allows you to present a drop-down selection of links:

Drop-down nested menu example.

To setup a nested menu, add the dynamic header or the simple text nav #1 block to your page and click on the menu section:

Navigation block shown inside Zipify Pages editor.

When the left-hand side panel appears, click on the Navigation Settings button:

"Navigation Settings" button located in the left-hand side panel.

On the popup, click the drop-down menu symbol to add sub-links as nested items. You can add up to 10 nested items per navigation drop-down:

"Navigation Settings" popup with Nested menus displayed.

Add your menu names and the destinations to complete the navigation menu and save

#5 Scrollable Text Nav + Image (New Block)

If you’re planning to have a mobile menu with many navigation links, this block is a great choice. These links remain visible on mobile and additional links can be accessed by swiping left and right: 

Mobile view of the scrollable text nav + image block.

To use this new block, add it from the block library to your page:

The scrollable text nav + image block location in the block library.

Click on the image placeholders to open the left-hand side panel. Next, click the Choose Image button to open the image library and select the image you want displayed:

Clickable image element inside the scrollable text nav + image block.

Here’s how the image will look inside the Zipify Pages editor:

Scrollable text nav + image block with image added.

When you click the text right below the image, a menu will appear where you can change settings like the font appearance, background color, hover settings, and set the destination of the links:

The "Navigation Bar Options" popup.

To access the block layout settings, click on the gear icon to the top-right of the block:

scrollable text nav + image block with the gear-icon element highlighted.

This will open the desktop and mobile Layout options:

The scrollable text nav + image block layout settings for desktop.

The Actions section is used to set block functionality on the published page. You can have the navigation block scroll with the page, remain fixed on screen, or have it appear when the viewer scrolls up:

The scrollable text nav + image block "Actions" settings.

The layout section lets you modify the visibility of the images, their size, and the “swipe assist arrows” on mobile view, making this one of our most responsive mobile blocks to date:

scrollable text nav + image block layout settings for mobile.

This has been Brittany — until next time, y’all!

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