How KZGear Improved their Customer Journey (and Got a 17% Take Rate on their Post-Purchase Upsells)

How KZGear Improved their Customer Journey (and Got a 17% Take Rate on their Post-Purchase Upsells)


KZGear just revamped each stage of their customer journey.

Notably, they started offering post-purchase upsells and saw a 17% conversion rate almost immediately (of all their customers, 17% of them said “yes” to additional offers!).

Let me show you how they did it.


Kelcey Lehrich and Justin Scheeff are digital marketing specialists.

And for over 10 years they have operated 365 Holdings, through which they’ve bought, scaled and sold nearly a dozen online businesses.

In May of 2017 they acquired, a brand specializing in adventure equipment. Kelcey immediately saw ways to optimize the customer journey and dramatically increase revenue.


They wanted to improve each stage of KZGear’s customer journey — before, during and after customers make a purchase.

To focus on the Before Stage, one of the things they did was custom code an advanced integration between their Shopify store and their Facebook ads, improving their targeting with better custom audiences.

Next, for the During Stage, they focused on pre-purchase order bumps. This strategy allowed them to make customers additional offers between add to cart and checkout.

Just like they thought… These advanced customizations worked well.

Finally, for the After Stage, they wanted to focus on maximizing average order value by offering upsells after a customer has completed their order.

So Kelcey and Justin started using Zipify’s OneClickUpsell.

This app allowed KZGear to make relevant upsell offers after customers complete their order, which customers can take with a single click (without re-entering their payment information).

Not only was this strategy effective, but it was easy to implement.

“Out of the box it worked fine and was easy to set up,” says Kelcey.

All together, their new funnel looked like this: they advertise a Facebook video ad linking to a category page or product page. When a customer adds to cart, KZGear makes them another offer — a pre-purchase order bump — before checkout. After checkout, customers are then offered a post-purchase one click upsell via OCU.


This new funnel gave Kelcey and Justin greater impact at all stages of the customer journey — acquiring traffic, converting customers, and maximizing order value.

Almost immediately, they saw a 17% conversion rate on their post-purchase upsells…

And upsells made with OCU now account for 5% of their total revenue!

Not bad — all they had to do was make additional relevant offers to already engaged purchasers.

“If you want to start doing post-purchase upsells,” says Kelcey, “you’ve gotta have OneClickUpsell, because out of the box Shopify doesn’t have a way for you to do this.”

If you’d like to learn more about KZGear, visit

Check out their adventure products, and should you decide to purchase from them you’ll see OneClickUpsell in action.

If you’d like to learn more about increasing average order value with one click upsells, visit

I’m Brittany Casella — thanks for joining.

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