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How to Double Your Conversions: The Ultimate Guide to Landing Page optimization from a $20 Million/Year Shopify Store

Learn the newest in mobile optimization, my 11 little tricks for profitable product offer pages, how to create high-converting promo pages for your sales and special offers, and more.

When it comes down to it, your ecommerce business is simply a collection of pages: home page, opt-in page, product page, and so on.

These are what a visitor sees when they interact with your brand, and how they decide whether or not to become a customer. So before you spend any more time, money or effort acquiring traffic... You need to make sure these pages are optimized, so the traffic you send to them actually converts.

I’m Ezra Firestone, and I’m an ecommerce expert.

I’ve spent 10 years in ecommerce testing which strategies and types of content actually have an impact on converting customers...

And I’ve used these strategies to build a top-100 Shopify store that generates $20 million/year in revenue.

In my new 4-part video training, I’m going to give you the ultimate guide to landing page optimization that you can use to double the conversions on your store.

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How to Get More from Your Store: The Art of Getting People to Say "Yes"

Here's What's Inside

Video 1

How to Get More from Your Store: The Art of Getting People to Say “Yes”

You’ll learn how to optimize every single one of your landing pages and simple strategies I’ve just discovered for how to convert more mobile traffic.

Video 2

11 Little Tricks for Profitable Product Pages

You’ll learn the 11 elements you need on your product offer page to make it as persuasive as possible — including social proof content that has increased our offer page conversion rate by up to 13%, and a cross-sell technique that increased our average order value by an average of 15%.

Video 3 (September 18th)

Special Promotion Pages

You'll learn how we leverage special promotion pages to generate millions of dollars in sales each year. Follow along and copy our Holiday Specials, Monthly Sale Campaigns, Discount Deals, and more!

Video 4 (September 21st)

My Game-Changing Invention

In this video I will unveil the newest updates to my game-changing invention for Ecommerce business owners. I'm going to give you a new way copy my winning strategies, campaigns, and pages directly to your store. I'll also show you how to continually increase the performance of your store!