Featured Template: The Pre-Sell Engagement Page

Featured Template: 5 Tips Pre-Sell Engagement Page

The Pre-Sell Engagement Page has generated over $18 million in sales for my business, and all of our paid traffic goes through this template. It’s an effective value-first approach: It uses an article to engage customers in a conversation that is relevant to your brand, and then transitions into a pitch for your offer.

The perfect combination of content marketing and direct response advertising

This template is essentially an article that engages a prospect in a conversation about a problem or issue that is relevant to them. It can be any kind of article, but my favorites are top-5 lists, biographical pieces, case studies, or a combination of these.

Like any good piece of content marketing, it first provides value to the consumer.

Then the article transitions from problem to solution—and that solution is your offer. This approach is very effective for selling physical products, as well as SaaS and information products via case studies.

We continue to send all of our paid traffic through a pre-sell engagement page because it has been so successful for us, and this template has consistently been the top performer.

We also use pre-sells in our pre-purchase, post-purchase, and abandoned cart email sequences. That’s how effective it is!

For more information on the 5 Tips Pre-Sell Engagement Page Template, watch my video walkthrough of this template.

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