Introducing: Zipify Pages Builder 2.0 (Huge Update!)

Get your first look at the brand-new builder for Zipify Pages! This isn’t just one of our biggest upgrades ever… this is an evolution in how we build Shopify stores.

Zipify’s updated landing page builder gives you the power to customize every inch of your website, so you can leap beyond Shopify’s one-size-fits-all templates and build a storefront that’s truly tailor-made for your brand.

And if you tried Zipify Pages in the past and thought it wasn’t for you — you owe it to yourself to try it again, because the new Pages is a game changer for ecommerce merchants.

Now let’s dive in and explore the first of many huge improvements:

Take Total Control of Your Store

No more annoying design limitations or outdated user interfaces…

With this sleek new builder, you can drag, drop, or swap any element on any page to create the highest-converting layout possible.

You can customize any block in the library by adding new elements to it or removing the ones you don’t want.

And this includes making changes to the most important block of your entire Shopify store, the buy box.

For example, with the click of a button, you can remove your product description, drag it below your add cart button, or hide it in a collapsable tab to save space:

You can also add customer videos to a Reviews tab to increase the conversion rate…

Or add an FAQ, product demo, or extra navigation buttons to a Returns tab to reduce unnecessary refunds.

The potential for creativity and innovation is endless, and the improved user interface makes building new pages faster than ever.

New Carousel Feature

Along with the flexibility to add elements to any block, we also created a new carousel feature to help organize your content and save space.

This new carousel feature makes your sales pages more interactive for shoppers, and it helps modernize the look of your store.

And you aren’t just restricted to images either…

You can create a carousel with any element like videos, timers, text, forms, customer reviews — almost anything! Then you can add a call to action button to all of them if you want.

Fine Tune Everything, Down to the Pixel

The new builder includes our most flexible design interface yet. You can effortlessly arrange and rearrange every block using the drag-and-drop “+” icon:

For intricate details, you can make micro-adjustments to sizing and spacing from the builder’s side panel, so every element is exactly where you want it to be down to the exact pixel.

If you want to start over, simply remove or reset any element and begin again.

New Customizable Columns

These new columns are one of our favorite upgrades to the builder.

Instead of being restricted to rigid and unresponsive column layouts, now you can simply use the slider function to easily resize column widths:

You can also drag and drop the contents of one column into another, add images or timers below the text, or swap it out for any of our page elements like add-to-cart buttons, videos, forms, and more.

Also, you can control each column’s design independently to perfect the alignment and size of every element.

And when you use the slider to shrink or increase the column width, the responsive builder automatically resizes your images to match your design.

Best Part? Zero Extra Work.

The best part is that this new builder works for existing Zipify Pages, too — like product pages, blog pages, homepages — any pages on your store…

So you can quickly upgrade your older product pages or sales funnels without any extra work!

We’re so excited for you to experience this revolutionary new builder for yourself, and very soon we’ll be releasing more fun features to it like dynamic checkouts and sticky buy buttons.

So if you’re not a Zipify Pages user yet, you can start a free 14-day trial today on the Shopify App Store.

(And if you tried Pages in the past and didn’t love it, we hope you’ll try it again because the new Zipify Pages is a game-changer for Shopify merchants like you!)

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