Partners get 30% Lifetime commission on all sales and upsells!

Our Zipify Pages Launch Calendar

*PLC = free awesome pre-launch training content and videos

Why promote Zipify Pages?

  • Give your audience a Shopify-recommended landing page builder specifically designed for ecommerce.
  • Help your audience launch better campaigns & improve their store’s most valuable pages — even if they don’t buy.
  • Content-driven launch from world class ecommerce expert, Shopify professor and DM Lab contributor Ezra Firestone.
  • 30% commission on every sale and upsell.
  • Lifetime commission: If your leads buy any of our other products, we continue to pay you!

What is Zipify Pages?

Zipify Pages is a Shopify-recommended landing page builder developed specifically to grow ecommerce stores hosted on Shopify.

Over 1,000 users already use this app to remove the strain of building pages so they can realize their ideas faster and more effectively.

Because Zipify Pages comes loaded with the highest converting templates from our 8-figure Shopify store — like long form sales pages, holiday promo pages, and more.

And our drag and drop builder is full of direct response page elements like countdown timers, light box pop-ups, and upsell buy boxes…

So you can now launch a variety of effective campaigns in minutes, not days or weeks.


Every page built on Zipify uses Shopify’s tracking pixel, so you’ll now have accurate campaign tracking that was impossible with “3rd-party apps like ReCharge Recurring Billing, Smar7 and more.”

More Zipify Page Templates

  • CRO tested Long-Form Product Offer Pages for greater conversion.
  • Our newest Holiday Sales Pages to add professionally designed promotions to your marketing calendar.
  • $15 million Pre-Sell Engagement Page for content marketing.
  • Email Landing Pages, Free (Plus Shipping) Offer Pages, Video Landing Pages, and more.

How can I promote it?

  • Promote each piece of our launch material:
    • PLC Video 1: September 12th
    • PLC Video 2: September 16th
    • PLC Video 3: September 18th
    • Sales video: September 21st – September 26th
  • Promote our high converting sales article to your audience: 11 Tips Content Piece
  • Book a Private Webinar with Ezra to share with your audience – just reach out to our team.

How much does Zipify Pages cost?



There is no free trial for this launch. We have a 30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee refund policy.

What’s my commission?

  • Partners get 30% on all sales and upsells.
  • We also do a tier 2 commission, so if you refer a new partner you receive 10% of any sales they bring in.
  • The cookie lasts 30 days from the last time your lead clicked your link.
  • Partner payments are usually delivered in 45 days.

The Prizes for the Top 20

    • Polaris Ace™ 150 EFI

    • Killerspin Revolution Table Tennis

    • 27-inch iMac

    • Samsung 49-inch Monitor

    • 2nd Gen Boosted Board

    • GoPro Drone Bundle with Camera

    • EvoDesk

    • iPad Pro

    • Herman Miller Chair

    • GoPro Stabilizer + GoPro Camera

    • Apple Watch Series 2


    • Segway


    • Razor Electric Bike


    • Rode Podcaster Booming Kit


    • Everyday Backpack


    • YETI Roadie 20 Cooler


    • Amazon Gift Card $150

    • Amazon Gift Card $100

    • Amazon Gift Card $75

    • Amazon Gift Card $50

*Must have 5 sales to qualify for a prize

Partner Rules

Please, absolutely no funny stuff:

  • No cash incentives
  • No cookie stuffing
  • No teaming up with other partners
  • No prizes that you have to buy
  • No spamming

Need anything?

Just reach out to Ezra or Ashley:

Thank you for your support

We look forward to a successful launch with you by our side!